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Different Brewing Methods


An easy and convenient method, manual or automatic coffee makers drip hot water through medium-fine ground coffee that rests in a mesh or paper filter. Since paper filters absorb some of the coffee's flavor, a reusable mesh filter is recommended. It is ideal for morning usage when, half asleep, all you want to do is pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee. Switch the button and voila! Use the coffee maker as your alarm clock and wake up to the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

The vacuum method is certainly the most unique way of preparing coffee. Attractive and sophisticated, it also makes excellent coffee - that is, once you have mastered this peculiar method. In stove top or table top versions, the glass globed vacuum pot produces a full-flavored brew. Two stacked glass bowls are connected by a the upper globe's tube. Coarsely ground coffee is put in the top globe and cold water in the bottom. As the water heats, it is forced into the top chamber by the steam pressure, where it mixes with the coffee. The pot is removed from the heat and within a few minutes the liquid falls into the lower pot, leaving the grounds behind. Enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee!

Boiling water is pumped through a tube, where it mixes with ground coffee. As the coffee brews, it repeatedly passes through the grounds. It is a lesser preferred method of brewing as it tends to bring out coffee's bitterness and acidity.

The Plunger
Also known as the French press, this 1920's glass and metal design steeps loose ground coffee in hot water. After three to four minutes, a mesh plunger is pushed down, which forces the grounds to the bottom.

A brewing method available in stove top and countertop versions. Both machines operate on the same principle where hot pressurized water is forced through a filter holding finely ground coffee. The stove top has two chambers with a filter resting between them. The base of the post is filled with cold water and finely ground coffee is placed in the filter. The top is screwed onto the base and the pot placed over a medium heat until the water heats and the pressure forces it up through the grounds. Take off heat.



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