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Prep Time: 6 Months
Yields: 3 Gallons

This family recipe was originally created by Lucie “Cie” Greaud Guttner. Her son-in-law, Gary Anderson adapted the method slightly, but the flavor is still wonderful. Louisiana native black cherries, which ripen in May and June, are perfect for this wine.

1 gallon black cherries
16 cups sugar
2 gallons whiskey

Rinse cherries well under running water. Remove and discard as many stems as possible. In a large crock, combine cherries and sugar. Add whiskey. NOTE: Gary recommends using J.W. Dant Bourbon; however, any bourbon will work. Cover crock with cheesecloth and let stand in a cool, dark place approximately 6 months. Cover should allow gas to escape but should not allow whiskey to evaporate. After 6 months, carefully strain wine. Taste for quality and serve, or bottle for later use. Cherry bounce is traditionally served for Thanksgiving.



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