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Considerations when choosing cookware:

More expensive does not necessarily mean higher quality. Great cookware can be purchased at an affordable price.

Copper—Copper is often praised as the ultimate cooking metal. It is the most expensive, but conducts heat the best. Copper can react with certain foods, usually acidic ones and alter the flavor and color of the finished dish. For this reason, you should not cook certain foods in copper cookware, or you should purchase copper cookware that is lined with another non-reactive metal.

Aluminum—Aluminum is a good heat conductor, but it is also reactive.

Cast Iron—Cast Iron is a great conductor, and it is usually less expensive than many other metals. Cast Iron also requires seasoning.

Stainless Steel—Stainless steel is sometimes thought of as the ultimate compromise. It provides a mid-range price and decent heat conduction. It is durable and non-reactive. For this reason, stainless steel is often used to line or coat other metals when making cookware.

(sautéing, frying, braising, boiling) A good set of cookware should cover a variety of cooking styles.

Color, design, etc.
Many companies offer cookware to match specific colors or themes in your kitchen.


Joseph Lodge began making cast iron cookware in the early 1800s. Today, Lodge Manufacturing sells a variety of cast iron, including enameled cast iron. You can find Lodge cookware in many hardware stores, some Wal-Mart stores or online at

Magnalite is known for its cast aluminum material and commercial durability. Its extra thick base helps the pan to heat more evenly, and the sides of pot are thin so that heat distributes quickly. Also, the lids are vapor-tight to hold in moisture. You can purchase Magnalite at Wal-Mart or online.

Calphalon introduced its first non-stick cookware in 1992. To achieve the non-stick cookware, Calphalon uses an andozination process, which causes the interior and exterior surfaces of the pot to be infused with an advanced polymer. This forms greater durability and an ultra-smooth non-porous surface; however, over time, this surface may begin to break down. Calphalon also offers stainless steel cookware, which has a full aluminum core for maximum conductivity and even heating. You can purchase Calphalon online or at stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Dillard’s, William Sonoma, Linens and Things and Macy’s.

BergHOFF offers several different types of cookware. Some include a thermic 6-layer sandwich bottom, which provides a great cooking surface with fast and even heat distribution. They offer cookware in high-quality surgical stainless steel as well as platinum. Many of the pots are particularly suitable for dietary food and salt free food, as they can be used to cook with no fat, oil or water. You can purchase BergHOFF at many online locations including

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