Bittersweet Plantation Dairy Yogurt

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Regular Bulgarian Style Yogurt
Bittersweet Plantation Dairy is particularly proud of its line of Bulgarian-style yogurts. These delicious, creamy yogurts are made with Louisiana milk and are unrivaled in flavor and texture.

Sugar & Vanilla
Mixed Berries
Lemon Meringue
Golden Raisin & Pecan

Lowfat Bulgarian Style Yogurt
In the Rila mountains of Bulgaria, the people make a rich, drained yogurt treasured throughout Europe. With the help of our Bulgarian cheesemakers, Bittersweet Plantation Dairy recreated those traditional fruit-flavored yogurts. Now we've added a low fat line with the same rich textures and flavors you've come to love.

Ruston Peach
Tahitan Vanilla
Key Lime

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