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Prep Time: 45 Minutes
Yields: 80 Links

You’ll find hundreds of combinations and variations of sausage here in Cajun country. Although this recipe contains primarily pork, shrimp is the dominant flavor.

10 pounds ground pork
7 pounds ground shrimp
3 pounds whole shrimp
1 cup minced pimentos
1 cup minced parsley
½ cup Old Bay® or Chesapeake Bay® seasoning
4 cups minced onions
¾ cup minced garlic
1∕3 cup dried thyme
3 cups sliced green onions
1∕3 cup dried basil
2 cups ice water
60 feet (38 mm) hog casing

Place all ingredients, except ice water and hog casing, into a large mixing bowl. With such a large amount of mixture, it is best for two people to mix the ingredients using their hands. After blending 5–10 minutes, add ice water and continue mixing 5 minutes longer. No salt or pepper is needed in this recipe because of the Old Bay® seasoning which has the perfect amount of each for this volume of ingredients. Using commercial hog casing, stuff ingredients into 6-inch links of approximately 4 ounces each. NOTE: Hog casing can be purchased in bulk from any local meat market or butcher shop.


















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