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Prep Time: 24 Hours
Yields: 6 Servings

The acid that is present in coffee along with the sugar from the cane syrup will not only flavor but further tenderize this tenderloin of beef. The addition of herbs and spice rubbed into the meat makes for a wonderful, well-flavored sliced filet mignon.

1½ pounds center-cut tenderloin of beef
1 quart brewed cold Community Coffee
2 tbsps “Between” or medium roast coffee grounds
¼ cup Steen’s® Cane Syrup
3 tbsps chopped tarragon
3 tbsps chopped basil
3 tbsps chopped sage
2 tbsps fresh thyme leaves
salt and black pepper to taste
granulated garlic to taste

Place the tenderloin of beef in a large Ziploc bag with cold coffee and coffee grounds. Seal bag tightly and shake vigorous and place in refrigerator a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 24 hours. When ready to cook, remove tenderloin from refrigerator, discard coffee and brush off any remaining grounds. Place tenderloin on a cookie sheet and drizzle with cane syrup, rubbing cane syrup well into the meat. Season with herbs, rubbing well onto the outside of the beef. Cover with clear wrap and sit at room temperature a minimum of 4 hours. While tenderloin is marinating in flavors, light grill according to manufacturer’s directions. Immediately prior to placing on pit, season meat to taste using salt, pepper and granulated garlic. Place tenderloin over hot fire and cook to an internal temperature of 128°F for medium-rare, turning occasionally. When filet reaches temperature, remove from grill and wrap tightly in aluminum foil. Allow to sit 15–20 minutes for internal juices to redistribute. Slice tenderloin and serve 4 ounces per person.



















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