MAKES: 1 Quart

Demi-glace is an essential sauce in classical cuisine. I have incorporated this sauce into most of the dishes created at Lafitte's Landing Restaurant.


  • 2 quarts beef, veal or game stock
  • ½ cup white roux
  • 1 ounce tomato sauce

Equally divide the stock into two heavy bottom sauce pans and bring to a low boil. Using a wire whisk, add ½ cup white roux into one of the sauce pans, stirring constantly as mixture thickens. Into the thickened mixture, blend tomato sauce. What you have just created is known in classical cooking as an espagnole sauce. If this sauce is not full-flavored, you may wish to add a mirepoix or bouquet garni. Continue simmering while skimming all impurities that rise to the surface. As the espagnole sauce reduces, replace the volume with the stock from the second pot until all has been incorporated. Strain through cheese cloth or fine strainer. You may wish to add an ounce of sherry or brandy to add flavor.

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