Kenny Frederic’s Fish Fry
PREP TIME: 30 Minutes
SERVES: 10-15

You will notice that there is no pre-measured amounts for any of the seasonings used in this recipe. The reason, there is no accounting for taste, and in South Louisiana everybody seasons according to their own preference. So add a bit more spice, season the cornmeal if you wish, but much more importantly, make it your own creation.


  • 5 pounds of catfish black pepper to taste
  • 1 cup yellow mustard Tony Chachere’s to taste
  • Louisiana Hot Sauce to taste unseasoned Zatarain’s Fish Fry
  • salt to taste yellow cornmeal

Filet a catfish. Cut meat into small strips and place fish in large bowl. Dump mustard and Louisiana Hot sauce over fish and mix well. In a separate bowl blend salt, pepper and Tony Chachere’s, then cover fish with the seasonings . In another bowl mix equal parts unseasoned Zatarain’s Fish Fry and yellow cornmeal. Add a little salt, pepper and Tony Chachere’s to this mix. Dip the fish in the fish fry and cornmeal combination. Fry the fish in peanut oil at 365 degrees. Remove from oil when the fish begins to float.


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