Creole Cream Cheese
PREP TIME: 4 Hours

Creole Cream Cheese is a farmer style cheese similar in fashion to a combination of cottage cheese and sour cream. Although originally a product of France, many New Orleans dairies such as Goldseal and Bordens supplied the city with the product for many years. Today, Creole cream cheese may be purchased from Dorignac’s on Veterans Hwy in New Orleans. The following recipe was given to me by Fred Little, manager of Dorignac's, and Mike Marchaud, cheese maker at the store for the past 18 years.


  • 2 gallons skim milk
  • ½ quart buttermilk
  • ½ rennet tablet (available at cheese specialty stores)
  • Half & Half optional

Combine skim milk, buttermilk, and the ½ rennet tablet in a stainless steel pot. Using a thermometer, bring the temperature of the milk to 80 degrees, stirring constantly and hold for five minutes. Remove from heat, cover tightly and allow to sit 3 hours. Drain off the whey (liquid remaining after the curds are formed) discarding this liquid. Pack the solids in 8-ounce portions topping with equal parts of half and half cream. Chill and serve with sugar or fruit. Creole cream cheese is excellent in ice creams and pastries.

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