Porche's Famous Hog Crackling
PREP TIME: 2 Hours
MAKES: 70 - 80 (1-lb) bags


This recipe comes from Don Porche of Porche's Sausage at Colyell Bay. Porche's specializes in homemade sausage, smoked meats, fresh pork, tasso, jerky, andouille, hogs head cheese, red and white boudin and cracklings.


  • 5 gallons hog lard
  • 70 - 80 pounds hog fat
  • salt to taste

In a 20 gallon pot, add 5 gallons of hog lard. Heat over a butane burner until lard is melted. Add 60 to 70 pounds of hog fat and cook on low-medium heat for 1 to 1 1/2 hours until grease covers crackling, making sure to stir pot every 5 to 10 minutes. Turn fire off for 30 minutes and place lid on pot . Relight fire and reheat grease taking care to stir often. From this stage, crackling should be ready in 15 minutes. As the grease begins to smoke, crackling will rise to the surface. Remove quickly and season to taste with salt.

(Note: For hot crackling, mix together 1 cup vinegar, salt and red pepper to taste. Dip fresh crackling in mixture and enjoy.)

Porche's Sausage
Don & Linda Porche - Owners
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French Settlement, LA 70733
(225) 698-6229

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