Homemade Blackberry Wine
PREP TIME: 6 weeks
MAKES: 4 1/2 gallons

Due to the natural yeast clinging to the outer skin of wild fruit, such as blackberries, mayhaws, muskadines, etc., sweet wine may be made simply by adding sugar nd water to the fruit. The sugar not only sweetens the wine, but allows the yeast to grow and fermentation to develop.


  • 2 gallons fresh fruit (blackberry, muskadine)
  • 10 pounds sugar
  • 4 1/2 gallons luke warm water

Rinse a 10 gallon crock jar or plastic bottled water jar and turn upside down to drain. Thoroughly dissolve 10 pounds of sugar into 41/2 gallons of luke warm water, 100 degrees F. Measure out 2 gallons of fresh fruit and pour into the sweetened water. Cover the crock with a cheesecloth and secure tightly with butcher's twine or place an air-lock device, such as in wine making, in the mouth of a water jar. Place in a cool, shady room and allow to ferment for 6 weeks. At the same time each week stir the crock or shake the bottle vigorously to blend the ingredients and agitate the fermentation. When done strain the wine through a cheesecloth 2 to 3 times, then bottle and store.

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